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What Is Industrial Printers?

Industrial Printers is a full service printing company that is exclusively focused on serving the business community.
Almost fifty years ago, we announced that we were business-only printers.
We tackled our customers' problems: meeting deadlines, maintaining high
production standards, working within budgets, and delivering on time.
It's still true, we do these things every day.

Sorting Out The Current Trends in Printing

Typesetting and copy boards have given way to electronic files. Nice copies can almost pass for real printing.
Printers from out of town are dropping by. What looks like "local printers" are often owned by out-of-state corporations.
Print buyers find themselves needing many different products, sooner, and with reduced budgets.
Naturally, if you're not an expert, the next best thing to have is "a friend in the business", someone you can trust to help you make sense of it all.
That's where Industrial Printers comes in. When you have us on your team, you have a partner in the printing business.

A Little History

Industrial Printers is locally owned. The same management that started the company in 1968 still comes to work every day.
Our company has been providing quality printing for Colorado Springs businesses, large and small, for almost 50 years.
That's an impressive record of service, personal attention, and continuity.

What We Do Best

Our business concentrates on two things: customer service and satisfaction.
If you need out-of-the-ordinary things like daily deliveries or warehousing, we can accommodate you.
We won't try to impress you with the latest industry buzzwords.
What we will do is provide the products you need, quality guaranteed and delivered on time, at a competitive price.
We've been doing this successfully for a long, long time.

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Industrial Printers

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