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Our History

Who, or What is Industrial Printers?

In February 1968, I started in a spare bedroom of my house,
using a worn-out Multilith duplicator and some homemade darkroom equipment.
The routine: sell days and print nights. In 1968 there were only seventeen
printers in all of Colorado Springs. There was no such thing as a "quick printer".

If you needed something done in a hurry, the printer worked on it overnight.
My intention was to be a "captive shop" for every one of my customers.
(A captive shop is a print shop that only does printing for the company that owns it).
I wanted each of my customers to know they were my only customer.
It must have worked. Forty-two years later, here we are: Colorado Springs' largest locally-owned commercial printer.

We have knowledgeable employees and excellent printing equipment
- but we're still pretty much as we were in 1968... trying to make
every customer feel like they have our full attention.

Over time, we've learned how to produce some pretty fancy stuff, but we realize
that not everyone needs fancy (and costly) printing-- at least not all the time.
Small jobs don't require as much communication between the sales person and the
production department, and they can be printed and delivered in less time, for less money.
Our small duplicator operation is more of a quick-print shop, but the work remains top quality.

The end result is that we're positioned to take care of the full range of printing that most
businesses require: fancy, four-color printing when you want it, economical printing when you need it.

"Industrial Printers is really all the printer most businesses will ever need."

Ordinarily, we don't just try to sell a job of printing, rather we try to establish long-term relationships with other successful businesses.
We want to help you get the best value for your printing dollar. We hope you will feel so comfortable with us
that you can turn over your printing chores and go on about your business.
That way, we'll be successful together.

We look forward to working with you.

Harold S. Dallas, Founder

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